Radio Birdman The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978)

Taking their name from a misheard lyric in the Stooges' song "1970" (it is in fact, "Radio buzzin' up above"), Radio Birdman have gone on to be one of the most mythically revered bands of the '70s. Seen as one of the most diligent pupils of the Detroit rock style, these Australians were tutored by Motor City ex-patriot guitarist Deniz Tek, who had seen both the Stooges and MC5 perform before he moved to Sydney. By 1978, after four years of action, the group disbanded and their "too rock for the punkers/too punk for the rockers" sound hit the world's delete bins fast. Now all of the super rockin' Radios Appear, the four-song Burn My Eye as well as a selection of the best songs from the more limp Living Eyes album and More Fun EP are available again without having to build a time machine. Don't let the quasi-military garb and titles like "New Race" fool you, the only mission here is to have fun and rock out. Any band that basically made a religion out of Hawaii 5-0, (i.e., the surf-y "Steve and Dano") can only be so serious, after all. Any fan of '70s rock that was punk without even trying to be (i.e. the Dictators, the Saints and the Flamin' Groovies) will probably already be hip to this shit, but this is a great little compilation with lots to offer grouchy old bastards and baby faces alike. (Sub Pop)