Radio Berlin Reissue Back Catalogue

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 2, 2015

With the bulk of Vancouver unit Radio Berlin's back catalogue being out of print since the band called it quits in 2005, their new wave- and post-hardcore-flavoured discography has now been delivered digitally with a few extra transmissions.

Radio Berlin have put together an online archive detailing the history of the band, while also offering up expanded digital editions of 1999's Sibling, 2001's The Selection Drone and 2003's Glass.

Formed in 1998 by future Black Mountain/Lightning Dust member Joshua Wells, guitarist/vocalist Jack Duckworth (Soft Riot, A Luna Red), bassist/vocalist Chris Frey (Book of Lists) and synth player Warren Hill, the band delivered a demo cassette in 1998 before issuing their trio of full-lengths. Throughout their career, the band melded influences like the Cure and Josef K with the spikiness of '90s post-hardcore acts like Clikatat Ikatowi.

Debut LP Sibling had originally been issued through Love Und Romance/Reassemblage in 1999 but was later re-released, along with the rest of the catalogue, through since-shuttered U.S. imprint Action Driver in 2003. The latter release packaged the original LP with the demo. This latest edition delivers the original nine-song set, along with "All Systems Go" from the demo and "The Connection," which had been pressed onto a split 7-inch with Swedish group Kid Commando in 1999.

The Section Drone from 2001 was delivered via Ache/Your Best Guess and further developed the band's darkened approach. The new digital edition adds "The Nation," a previously unreleased track from the era.

Following founding member Warren Hill's departure in 2002, the band picked up synth player Lyndsay Sung to record the band's swan song, Glass. Wells left the band shortly after the sessions, with Sparkmarker/Black Halos drummer Rob Zgaljic joining the band briefly before future Bison drummer Brad McKinnon took over the kit. The latest edition adds previously unreleased tracks "Towers Above You," "Bright Things" and a remix of the album's "The Hyphen," prepped by Duckworth under the pseudonym "JJD."

You'll find the albums, as well as a deep account of Radio Berlin's career, over here.

As for present-day activity, Wells' Sur Une Plage project with singer Colin McKill recently unveiled more info on their previously teased debut LP. Comprising tracks from their online singles series, Legerdemain drops March 17.

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