Radar Bros.


BY Chris WhibbsPublished Jan 28, 2008

Continuing on their "one record every three years” schedule, every new piece of Radar Bros. music is like slipping on that uber-comfortable sweater. Sure, it’s familiar but damn it feels so good. From the point where James Putnam’s familiar, lackadaisical, yet effortlessly melodic, voice comes in on "When the Cold Air Goes To,” to the final chirps on "Morning Bird,” Auditorium provides the goods one expects from Radar Bros. While some variance would be nice, when a band’s output is as consistently good as Putnam and company, fans are hardly in a position to complain. The absolutely amazing "Heart of Crows” provides the perfect example that all is right, as the ambling piano, elegiac tempo and Putnam’s heartbreaking chorus of "I will remember your name” make for one perfect song. The other standout is "Watching Cows,” where the tension is slowly increased over the course of the song, to the point that you just surrender to the band’s master plan. With a dash of Mercury Rev, a spot of alt-country and plain ol’ indie rock, Radar Bros. continue to weave a beautiful spell, and might be the band that prove you have to be careful what you wish for.
(Merge Records)

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