RA From One

Born sometime in the late 1990s, RA gets its band name from a term the ancient Egyptians used to express an all-consuming passion, a sun god. Their current disc, a recording that almost didn’t happen, certainly reflects the ideology behind something that gives life. From One is peppered with worldly influences (not the least of which is South Asian) that may be directly linked to lead vocalist Sahaj. But those influences are not overbearing, causing the record to lose its hard rock focus. Sahaj has a strong and commanding voice that fails to draw a parallel in my mind — I honestly cannot find anyone that would draw a fair comparison. His lyrical style is very poetic and dramatic (likely due in part to Sahaj’s time working at the New York Shakespeare Festival). I really like the way RA uses ambient sound to add texture and fullness to the tracks on this record. Guitarist Ben Carroll uses a progressive style that adds funk and edge to their music. RA is a spiritual band and From One is something worth praying to. (Universal)