R. Arias / M. Frasconi / K. Uenishi Object

The modern improv ensemble can sometimes break down like a recipe card, with the lower bits charred off. Here for instance, the ingredients are: one laptop computer (Uenishi); one bass balloon kit (Arias); and one table of glass objects (Frasconi). The instructions on how to blend these hard-to-find items are the obscured part. One suspects that the glass objects and balloons are old world substitutes in a modern dish, as both strain to reach the digital flavour of Uenishi’s flickering laptop pulses. Frasconi teases sympathetic tinkles and tones from his tabletop but Arias, hamstrung by his instrument’s limited range, often comes off like vinegar in the milk. The performance runs a regimented sequence of solos, duos and trios that yield both tasty and bland results. Maybe this fusion cuisine needs an infusion of basics to bring it back to the table. (Eh?/Public Eyesore)