Quitters Second Album

Out of Rochester, NY, come the Quitters, pretenders to the snot-punk garage throne. Whiny, bratty, funny and sarcastic, the Quitters tend to be less '60s throwbacks (although the twisted Beach Boys horny, cruising attitude abounds) than four guys killing time in a basement in Rochester - a timeless mind frame and attitude. Following in the same steps as the Gruesomes, the Chesterfield Kings and the Vipers, the Quitters manage to bring the bored small town Americana - the tail-fin culture - into the modern era, without losing any of the same archetypes that brought bands like the Sonics, the Litter and Positively Thirteen O'clock to the forefront of the '60s American underground. The highlight of the 23-song disc has to be "Dear Jane," a song recapping success following romantic failure and a triumph of the human spirit, only not quite as elegantly expressed. (Garage Pop)