Quinsin Nachoff / Bruno Tocanne Project 5 New Dreams

Man, these guys can write interesting music. Each of the ten pieces has a unique geography to walk around in. And these five musicians do explore their terrain with enthusiasm. Saxophonist/clarinettist Nachoff is a remarkable musician, a thoughtful, generous leader who skilfully supports his team-mates by writing inventive charts, playing soulful backup and then whipping up the mayhem factor when it's his time to solo. Co-leader/drummer Bruno Tocanne keeps the bass-less group moving forward, as on the Dreams' first tune by Nachoff, "Duality," which features the ferocious alto sax of Lionel Martin. The group's two trumpets give the quintet the sound mass of an orchestra. Frédéric Roudet and Rémi Gaudillat display varied stylistic approaches to their horns, sometimes blowing in a Woody Shaw muscular vein, then taking a Lester Bowie splatter tack. All the hornists contribute beautifully crafted pieces. Of special note are Gaudillat's heartfelt "Jouer Sans Entraves" and his smoking "QL." (Cristal)