Question Mark and The Mysterians More Action

If you were on of the many lucky people who've been able to see Question Mark and the Mysterians live in last few years, this two-CD set is a great memento of how much fun these legends are. Famous for their signature '60s hit tune, "96 Tears," these original Latin rockers have more fun on stage than any band of any age. Here we get 21 new recordings, including two versions of "96 Tears," one in Spanish and one in English, as well as a CD-ROM video for "Sally Go Round the Roses," for those of the computer-owning persuasion. While it's true that a lot of their songs sound a bit like "96 Tears" (like "Don't Hold It Against Me" and "Do You Feel It?") that organ tone is a big part of these guy's sound, so what the hell. There is a little bit of filler on this record, like the covers of "Satisfaction" and "Can't Get Enough of You Baby," but strong tracks like "Don't Give It Up Now," "Feel It" and "Girl (You Captivate Me)" strengthen this release considerably. Yes, this probably should have just been a single CD release, but these guys haven't put anything out for about 30 years, so cut them some slack. (Cavestomp)