Quench Punctuated

Under the moniker Quench, Dutch duo Roel and Don Funcken put aside the Funckarma mark and create some lush and dense techno soundscapes on the project’s first CD, Punctuated. Broody, dusty, at times abrasive and often primal; heavy filters, drones and samples drench Punctuated's melodically liquid and sometimes dark and throbbing futuristic fare with a dreamlike quality. From the whirring broken beat on "Nemm” and the electro chatter of "Vexx” to the dark techno death march of "Scid” and the escalating pulse of "Bud,” Quench’s thematic feel is charged with a dark tech edge. Haunting and visceral, Punctuated is both an intense and atmospheric audio excursion. (n5MD)