Queens & Kings Rock Out in a Desert for New "You Got Me" Video

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Sep 4, 2019

Toronto garage punk duo Queens & Kings struggled with their musical endeavours, health and intensely volatile relationship with each other over the past eight years, but through hardship, they've found their sound. The band have become an emotional release for everything the pair has gone through, channelling it all back into their dynamic tone. 

They're gearing up for the release of their debut EP, but first, Queens & Kings are premiering their music video for lead single "You Got Me."

Although the band planned out the concept for the video ahead of time, most of the shooting was decided on the fly with bits being shot later near Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto. 

"We had originally planned to film the video in California, but we were in Aruba and the desert scenery was so perfect to what we were looking for, we just couldn't pass up the chance to give it a shot," says drummer and co-vocalist Alissa Klug. "So on our very last day there, we hopped in our car rental, choosing three locations and filming all day in the hot desert sun until the point that I came down with a brutal case of heatstroke."

Klug says the video's concept reflects the song's lyrics which mockingly compare the words and actions of some of our most prominent politicians to a sleazy and transparent pick-up artist.

"We had a reason for everything we shot — the desert scenery and explosions are symbols of turmoil and war, but the colourfulness is a representation of hope. We also knew that we wanted to include some footage of us playing our instruments, with me on drums and Brendan on guitar to establish our main roles in the band as we do a lot of instrument swapping," says Klug.

Check out the video for "You Got Me" in the player below. 

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