This Quebec Death Metal Band Performed at a Primary School

Watch Canadian trio Obvurt bring hardcore to the playground
This Quebec Death Metal Band Performed at a Primary School
Proving kids can enjoy death metal too, a Quebec band have just brought the horns to a primary school. Canadian death metal band Obvurt — Philippe Drouin, Oliver Pinard and Samuel Santiago — played a show for the students at École Saint-Albert-Le-Grand in Montreal last week. Further, they've generously uploaded a full recording concert to YouTube for our viewing pleasure.

Frontman Philippe Drouin works as a music teacher at the school and spent the last three years teaching himself to play guitar left-handed after a car accident in 2016 left him unable to play with his right hand. The band released EP The Beginning on Bandcamp back in March of this year.

"I wasn't sure at first — it was strange to me," Drouin said of the performance in a press release. "But all the kids knew about the fact that I switched to left-handed and released something before the pandemic started. That show became a big surprise when the kids recognized the musicians and the Obvurt logo on the amp. The kids really enjoyed the performance, which was very inspiring to us and we were pleased to release this unique performance video."

The kids know a face-melter when they hear one — and they're not afraid to Floss to it.

Check out the video recording of Obvurt's set— live from the playground — below.