Qasim Naqvi


BY Nilan PereraPublished May 17, 2019

Teenages represents quite a shift from the dark minimalism of  Naqvi's work as a drummer in Dawn of Midi. Where similarities lie is with texture and production, but what is really exciting about his latest release is the strength of his compositions, which assemble their filmic spans with rigour.
The attention to detail in both how the sonic textures align with the movement of rhythm is quite precise. Naqvi is a very well-rounded musician and composer, with a rich body of work in modern dance and symphony, and training with such luminaries as drum legend Andrew Cyrille and the equally legendary composer James Tenney.
A track like "Palace Workers" exemplifies this, and there is no lack of humour, as one can visualise the pompous busyness of the privileged servant. There is also no lack of variety in this release, in everything from techno beats to the title track, which is vaguely reminiscent of some of the early moods of Brian Eno.
This is no ordinary release of electronic music. It is a fully realized work of detailed composition, where each track contributes to an arc of music that displays theme and narrative.
(Erased Tapes)

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