Q and Not U Members Re-team as Paint Branch for New Album

Q and Not U Members Re-team as Paint Branch for New Album
Washington, DC's Q and Not U called it quits back in 2005, but two members of the plucky dance punk trio have got back together to form a new band, Paint Branch.

The duo is made up of singer-guitarist Chris Richards and drummer John Davis, and they'll be self-releasing their debut disc I Wanna Live on January 8. A month ahead of schedule, the band are offering up a taste of the LP via the low-key guitar-and-kick drum arrangement, "Brighton Beach."

You can stream the song, which is also imbued with some luscious lead vocals from Richards and a chorus of "ooohs," in the SoundCloud player down below.

Despite the departure of Q and Not U seven years ago, both Richards and Davis have kept busy in the music world the last few years. Davis issued a couple singles and an LP with pop duo Georgie James before putting out a power pop with Title Tracks in 2011.

Richards, meanwhile, released the Tim Hecker-assisted folktronica LP Purple Blaze back in 2005 under the nom de plume Ris Paul Ric. Richards has also been the Washington Post's pop music critic since 2009.