Puscifer "Money Shot" (video)

Puscifer 'Money Shot' (video)
Puscifer's new album is called Money Shot, and with Maynard James Keenan's band having already shared the title track, they have now given it a video.

The song is a monstrously fuzzed-out, aggressive rocker, and the accompanying video is an intriguing portrait of underground wrestling. A couple of dudes in a masks make a deal involving a glowing suitcase, à la Pulp Fiction. Eventually, the whole thing erupts into a nut-cracking slingshot fight.

The clip was directed by Puscifer along with Tim Cadiente. Keenan said in a statement, "Tossing out a few more cryptic Luchador flavored bread crumbs with this one. Confused? Don't tweak your noodle. As with all of Puscifer's and Billy D's journeys, linear has no place here. Just embrace the chaos and enjoy the ride."

Money Shot will be out on October 30 through Puscifer Entertainment. See the group's North American tour schedule here.