Purity's Failure Deconstruction

Boston, MA's Purity's Failure hit the ground running with their full-length debut, Deconstruction, for Goodfellow Records. Deconstruction offers 11 songs of battering, overly metallic hardcore, reminiscent of an even more metal and mosh/breakdown-oriented Converge (circa Petitioning The Empty Sky) or a stripped-down and emo-shunning Drowningman (especially on "Two Hundred Stitches"), with a mid-paced aggression and plod that fleetingly smacks of the malevolence of old Bloodlet. With the increasing number of talented metalcore units, Purity's Failure shine with truly devilish vocals, excellent playing and a monster drum sound, stamping a harsher, more linear and heavier take on their sound. However, while Deconstruction is a harsh and damaging album, the guitars occasionally lose themselves in a thin and tinny production, which seems to come and go throughout the album. There's no question that if the guitar sound was more consistent, this could have been an overwhelming experience, instead of merely good. Purity's Failure also toy with melody and noise from time to time and experiment with droning discord, adding a reprieve to the thrashing, and an aspect to build upon and incorporate more in the future. However, Deconstruction is excellent first step. (Goodfellow)