Puppyhertz Animal Squad

Puppyhertz crafts a mean beat, and Animal Squad is a supremely tasty, textured concoction of giggly humour, sensitive eardrums and suave musicality. Much of it carries a vivid cinematic feel — "Theme de Frankenberry” in particular — and it would not seem out of place to have a set of animations or storyboard sketches complementing each track. "Alicia Beat” is reminiscent of a caress, or being sprawled on an impossibly green field, swallows twittering gracefully overhead, and old guitar strings resting on your fingertips. "Glass Ass” starts off slow, but builds into one of the richest beats on the LP — exquisite arrangements of seductive bass, intoxicating drums, piano and lingering glassy echoes meet and mingle to tug on heartstrings. "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades” is lovely and warm, and "Headless” is deceptively simple. Animal Squad is a repeat listen, where track-to-track transitions come as naturally as breathing and each snare or flute sample pushes the imagination and tickles your insides. (Monumental)