Pulseprogramming Tulsa for One Second

Pulseprogramming is a Chicago-based multimedia ensemble of musicians, film artists and art directors founded by visionaries Joel Kriske and Marc Hellner. Given the scope of talent involved it is little wonder that Tulsa for One Second is a work of multi-faceted beauty - from the inviting, homemade feel of the packaging to the subtle elegance and epic sweep of the actual music. Like Lali Puna, Pulseprogramming use singing to instil emotional warmth into a genre that tends to be overly mathematical and even sterile at times. Beneath the rhythmic bustle of opener "Blooms Eventually" is a tender love song. Alternately, atmospheric instrumentals "Here Give It Here I'll Show You" and "All Joy and Rural Honey" show the strength of the arrangements and reveal how the vocals simply augment an intrinsic emotional intensity. Pulseprogramming is more than a band; it is the holistic expression of artists converging on a common goal, one that just happens to be captivating and heartfelt music. (Aesthetics)