Pujol Nasty, Brutish, and Short

Daniel Pujol follows in the tradition of Ty Segall and Jay Reatard, meaning he is young, prolific and creates reckless music. As a one-man band, Pujol can release work at an alarming rate; Nasty, Brutish, and Short is his tenth release in less than two years. On this record, Pujol enlists different musicians to support each track ― the rotating cast allows for some interesting changes in feel and instrumentation. The seven-track, 17-minute-long EP fulfills all of your snotty garage rock needs before you can even begin to get bored. "Tiny Gods (Singularity)" features a never-ending hook that completely captures the essence of Pujol; it's quick and unbelievably catchy, making it an instant standout. Pujol's lyrics make him come off as a love-crazed conspiracist that knows how to crash a party, and that's why you'll love him. With a recent release on Jack White's Third Man Records, Pujol has been receiving increased attention, and with an album as solid and delicious as Nasty, Brutish, and Short, one cannot help but be excited for the future of this Nashville rocker. (Saddle Creek)