Puddy Sweet Spot

It is a testament to the core members of Puddy that they've not only managed to persevere over the last seven years - despite line-up changes and the intrinsic problems that come with being an independent band from Canada playing heavy music, namely apathy - but have managed to evolve. Sweet Spot surpasses all the promises of their Big Block EP. Puddy's unique combination of Kyuss-styled guitar riffs, Helmet-like precision and the occasional descent into distorted pop is still present, but it has been tempered with a smoother blending of these influences, an increased emphasis on musical proficiency, singing and songwriting, and some newer elements. A more stripped down sound focuses more on catchiness than on distortion, although there is still plenty of aggression. Produced by Pete Hudson (Shallow ND, Trigger Happy, MVM) and featuring guest appearance by Victor Rebelo (Mundane) and Les Godfree (Tchort), Puddy has made an excellent album, one that will hopefully garner them some of the recognition they so justly deserve. (Independent)