Pterodactyl Pterodactyl

The ratio of good to bad bands coming out of Brooklyn seems to be somewhat disproportionate. This is most likely do to the brain drain-like effect this particular borough has on a fair amount of the rest of the world, luring musicians from their humble, provincial roots. Like a lot of Brooklyn-based acts, Pterodactyl are originally from the less glamorous, but no less intriguing, Ohio, where this post-punk trio originally formed before relocating to the east and cutting an album. And like a lot of post-punk albums this one also has its standout qualities. They are at their peek with tracks like "Astros,” which cuts through with a slow, pounding beat punctuated with whining guitar and "Blue Jay,” which takes another turn entirely with its clean and relatively simple instrumental composition. The album flirts with being full-on noise rock but the often-melodic joint vocals of Kurt Beals and Joe Kremer help to keep the sound grounded. It’s the use of these melodic vocals, especially on the brilliant "Esses,” where the vocals lead us into more psyched-out pastures with a respectable amount of discordant noise, which gives the band an added dimension. (Brah)