Ptarmigan 'Ptarmigan' (album stream)

Ptarmigan  'Ptarmigan' (album stream)
Last fall, Toronto folk unit Ptarmigan shared a song called "Spirit Wakes" from their upcoming self-titled album. The band's sophomore record officially arrives later this week, but first, Exclaim! is giving you an advanced listen to the LP in its entirety.
Ptarmigan was recorded with producer James Bunton at the Lincoln County Social Club in Toronto and marks the band's follow-up to 2012's Eliak and the Dream. Creating songs that are both modern in approach and medieval in feeling, the band describe their latest offering as "an anthology of an undefined time."
Opening lush and bright, the record kicks off with "A Magician of Sorts," moving through plucky, twangier numbers like "Peaks" and "Stilts," and the lullaby-esque "The Sarus Crane" before toying with electronic-tinged soundscapes on the closing pair of "Limbs" and "Bloom."
Follow along on their timeless musical journey by listening to Ptarmigan in the player below. It's officially out on August 26.