Psychic Ills Prepare to Release Two New Records in 2009

Psychic Ills Prepare to Release Two New Records in 2009
NYC psychedelic doom rockers Psychic Ills have announced they'll release their sophomore full-length to Christen the new year. Titled Mirror Eye, the album will come out via the Social Registry on January 20.

The album is described as a "journey through a unique amalgamation of electronic explorations, improvised jamming and various sonic experiments that yields a record at once familiar and otherworldly." Adds the band, "Mirror Eye is the imaginative culmination of a period of exploration for Psychic Ills. A transcendent combination of musics that symbolizes how far the band have and continue to evolve beyond genre." Sounds heavy.

You can sample a taste of Mirror Eye by clicking here to listen to the aptly titled "Fingernail Tea."

But Mirror Eye isn't all Psychic Ills have on the way. They're currently hard at work in the studio right now hammering out a mini-LP follow-up expected some time later in 2009.

Mirror Eye tracklisting:

1. "Mantis"
2. "Meta"
3. "Sub Synth"
4. "Eyes Closed"
5. "I Take You As My Wife Again"
6. "Fingernail Tea"
7. "The Way Of"
8. "Go to the Radio"