Psyche The 11th Hour

Originally the efforts of Stephen and Darrin Huss, Psyche has in some form, existed for over 20 years. While the ’80s influence still remains, this release represents a new and improved sound. With Darrin remaining as the sole provider of both vocals and synth work, his vision is darker than previous releases. "Defenseless” and "15 Minutes” show evidence of the pop tendencies expected here, however as a whole the album is more melancholically passionate. Emotive tracks like "September Moon” make The 11th Hour feel like a perfect soundtrack for a moonlit walk through the local cemetery. Sure, the seduction is not always believable, a fact especially noticeable in the angst-filled "Yearning,” but Huss’s confidence is commendable and the vocals are refreshingly powerful on this disc. While The 11th Hour will hardly serve to regenerate life in a dying scene, it can serve as a guilty pleasure for lovers of dark music. (Metropolis)