Psapp Return with 'What Makes Us Glow'

Psapp Return with 'What Makes Us Glow'
Quirky eclectic pop duo Psapp are finally set to follow up their 2008 LP The Camel's Back with a new full-length titled What Makes Us Glow. The group's next set arrives November 11 through the State51 Conspiracy.

A press release describes the band's latest LP as "a vast hyper-colour psychedelic whirl of an album," and notes that Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant once again crafted the collection using a wide variety of homemade instruments. Among them is the boneaphone, a marimba made from bones, but other unorthodox pieces to the puzzle include rhythmically minded snoring sessions, a box of "writhing mealworms" and "the groans of milk-laden cows." On top of the conceptual sounds, traditional elements like piano and violin are also to be found on What Makes Us Glow.

Lyrically, the LP follows themes of "attachment, detachment and the slow realization of what is essential." You can sample the album's "Everything Belongs to the Sun" down below, where you'll also find all the tracklisting info. Up above, you can see the cat-loving album art.

What Makes Us Glow:

1. Life Hums 

2. Wet Salt

3. The Cruel, The Kind, The Bad

4. Seven

5. That's The Spirit

6. In The Black

7. Everything Belongs To The Sun

8. Bone Marrow

9. Your Hot Knife

10. The Well and The Wall

11. What Makes Us Glow

12. In and Out