PS I Love You Starfield

Amidst the sudden hype thrust upon Kingston, ON duo PS I Love You is a powerful and musically devastating sound that's highlighted on their most recent seven-inch. Cresting in on a wave born of close associate Diamond Rings and an infectious split seven-inch released last year, vocalist/guitarist Paul Saulnier and drummer Benjamin Nelson continuously demonstrate why they're more than just a b-side act. As the nostalgia for bullshit '80s dance music seems to be subsiding for a re-appreciation of'90s gritty angst, PS I Love You have emerged at the perfect time. Live, Saulnier is an overwhelming musical force; his sensitive brute vocals are bolstered by ridiculously great guitar shredding. In its Pixies/Archers of Loaf domain, "Starfiled" showcases his penchant for snaky pop beauty, while "Butterflies & Boners" is a gorgeous display of layered guitar virtuosity unseen this side of Dinosaur Jr. (Thing Itself)