PS I Love You "Toronto" (video)

PS I Love You 'Toronto' (video)
Noisy indie duo PS I Love You keep things regionally specific on their latest vid, for Death Dreams track "Toronto." While their "Princess Towers" clip tipped its hat to Kingston, ON, with cluttered shot of the city's structure of the same name, this new video similarly presents some T-Dot landmarks. You might have to squint for them, though.

Arty rapid-fire visual assault of old-school '80s video wipes and VHS fuzz be damned, we think we caught a glimpse of the CN Tower amongst other shots of factory walls and local traffic. The video's choppy edit becomes even more discombobulating once you home in on singer Paul Saulnier's intentionally wobbly, awkward teen squeak.

You can check it all out below courtesy of Spin.