pronoun i'll show you stronger

pronoun i'll show you stronger
Now here's a debut. Following a four-song EP called there's no one new around you (with its title an ode to the lonesome Tinder user) three years ago, Brooklyn artist Alyse Vellturo has made a confident, impressive leap with I'll show you stronger.
This is a record of glossy, sparkling indie rock that you can place alongside the likes of Stars, Waxahatchee and Alvvays. Pronoun pairs mournful, vulnerable lyrics with upbeat, airy synth-pop tunes, and with Vellturo singing in both a rousing, triumphant cry and a husky, shuddering murmur, the songs are packed with all sorts of complex emotion.
In essence, I'll show you stronger revolves around the idea that heartache is temporary and recovery is not only possible, but inevitable. But it also emphasizes that in those tough times, it's okay to feel hurt, embarrassed and vulnerable, and that allowing yourself that is just as important as being resilient and trying to move on.
Look no further for the best manifestation of this than must-hear tracks "run," "sadie" and "temporary tantrum." These are huge, skyscraping tunes that are lovesick and wounded but, above all, uplifting and hopeful. They're also unique in Vellturo's fascinating vocal delivery, with lots of choppy staccatos that give the songs an added forward thrust. (If Vellturo was influenced by Enya or Björk, it would be no surprise.)
Other highlights include the fast and boppy "stay," the groovy and danceable "the pieces of you," the quaint and folksy "for the story," and the understatedly empowering "as if."
Vellturo picked her pseudonym because a pronoun can stand on its own, "which is what it felt like I was doing." And while her music is likely to remind you of something similar (as mentioned above), the comparables still seem just out of reach. I'll show you stronger stands on its own. Alyse Vellturo made something passionate and intensely personal — and, naturally, it's worth being widely heard. (Rhyme and Reason)