Promise Ring Reunite, Announce Rarities Comp

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Nov 23, 2011

Sure to stoke late '90s emo fans everywhere, Milwaukee outfit the Promise Ring have just announced they're getting back together. Things got suspicious last week when an official P-ring Twitter account popped up with the lone message "Hello again," but the band have now confirmed they're back, for a little while at least.

Speaking with Alternative Press, drummer Dan Didier explained that the Promise Ring will play a couple gigs this February in the Midwest, with the possibility of more dates to come. This will be the band's first shows since they broke up in 2002 and briefly reunited in 2005.

First up is a February 24 hometown gig at Milwaukee's Turner Hall, with a follow-up gig the next night at Chicago's Metro. The shows will feature the formative lineup of Didier, guitarist/vocalist Davey von Bohlen, guitarist Jason Gnewikow and bassist Scott Schoenbeck.

The Promise Ring will also drop a rarities collection that will feature a unheard tracks recorded around the time they made their softest set, 2002's Wood/Water. The band previously issued the early seven-inch round-up The Horse Latitudes in 1997.

According to Didier, the reason the songs on the upcoming comp didn't make the cut the first time around is that they were too high-energy. The revelation could prove interesting to anyone anyone raised on bright, bursting emo pop cuts like "Red Paint" or "Is This Thing On?"

"All Good Souls," which previously only appeared on the double ten-inch version of Wood/Water, will make its way on the set, as well as "three songs that we demoed before W/W that again, were rockers, that we never recorded for the record."

"There are a few different odds and ends as well throughout, but that will be the meat of it," Didier concluded.

Dangerbird, who release records for Didier and von Bohlen's long-running Maritime project, will issue the as-yet-untitled rarities comp sometime next year.

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