Pure Mud Volume 7

BY Slavko BucifalPublished Mar 18, 2020

It is unclear if previous volumes only exist somewhere in the depths of dark souls, but Prolaps's Pure Mud Volume 7 is a shit-show of hyperactive industrial snippets of noise tropes over techno beats, vulgar samples, screaming people that appear to be in mid-torture and pretty much any sound that might bite, gnaw or tear your flesh off. And with song titles like "Sewer Cock" or "God Crack" it is pretty certain this is not the record to play at your Sunday family gathering, unless, of course, conjuring up the underworld is your focus.
For the sheer shock factor alone, Pure Mud is worth a listen, at the very least to test one's ability to objectively listen to restless structures and disregulated musical patterns. It is also not uncommon to hit the rewind button in order to affirm that some of the lyrics actually went there. Case in point, in "Lord Cam Girl," one might be slightly caught off guard when the music dies to hear our protagonist declare: "And as soon as that guy sticks his dick out, I might bite it off." Wait, what?
Prolaps have created a musical score aimed to challenge the most seasoned mutant noise enthusiast. Sometimes lasting as briefly as 30 seconds, the tracks rarely give you time to figure out if you just got punched in the face or had an orgasm. Either way, Pure Mud Volume 7 is a good soundtrack to scare the hell out of your neighbours.
(Hausu Mountain)

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