Project Bluebook Children of the Ancients

On their debut CD, Children of the Ancients, musicians John Billington, Mike Davis and Lani KeeVan Sickle play around with the musical genres they probably grew up listening to. Children of the Ancients sounds like the product of late night sessions listening to Pink Floyd and heavy metal between reggae albums and '80s electronica. Unfortunately, Project Bluebook undermines their artful fusion of varied musical influences with flat vocals and a bit too much psychedelic melodrama between rock riffs and techno rhythms. While this three-piece band does offer some interesting musical arrangements, the amateurish production quality and cheesy lyrics assault the discriminating listener, making songs such as "Never too Late" or "Children of the Ancients" frighteningly painful to sit through. Songs without vocals are considerably more tolerable, and the light-hearted numbers such as "Escape from Prison" and "Clint Space" are better demonstrations of the diamond-in-the-rough talent that is here. (Independent)