ProjecKt X Heaven and Earth

ProjecKt X could very well be the term that defines the study of infinity. And who's more appropriate to spearhead such a task than sirs Robert Fripp, Pat Mastelotto, Trey Gunn and Adrian Belew, better known as King Crimson. When brought together in defined space, the collective tinker with the aforementioned concept of "infinity" and attempt to harness its omnipotence and translate it into all things musical. Whereas King Crimson presents groundbreaking and challenging compositions, ProjecKt X is its alter-ego, living in an alternate reality - in the land of exponential improvisation and discovery, where anything is something that goes someplace else and so on. The ProjecKt series provides a prime opportunity to hear ideas in the works and it captures Crim-creationism as it happens, be it from the studio or stage, allowing more angles to hear the group from. In this particular case, Heaven and Earth is comprised of recordings made during the rehearsals and making of Crimson's latest disc effort, The ConstrucKtion Of Light. Heaven and Earth rests upon the Mastelotto-oriented bed of intricate, inventive and percussive programming, while Fripp sweeps the spectrum with his guitar drone-scapes. Interjections of exotic pulses are jettisoned through Gunn's Warr guitar and the flanking Belew adjusts the chroma and luma of sound via his guitar. This disc not only acts as a companion to its eventual offspring, but also stands on its own as an ambient, dub-tinged, experimental monument. Having just returned from a Euro-tour accompanied by ADATs, the Crims are keeping with infinity and another ProjecKt is already coming our way. (Discipline Global Mobile)