Proem A Permanent Solution

The opening seconds of Proem’s A Permanent Solution are ambient and timeless. Then comes the bass. Throughout the first part of the album the bass consistently detracts from whatever atmosphere develops naturally. Poignantly, "When Things Fall Apart” is the least atrocious from that perspective and "Sputterfly” sidesteps the matter entirely by showcasing a well put together sequence of breaks. "Awake at 4 AM” enjoys some breathy chants before sliding into "Ctimsells,” which follows the bass pattern. The alliterate, cacophonous "Wall of Knives” changes pace nicely, almost achieving a dub beat, disembodying itself in massive, echoed glitch, but there’s no need for its proceeding sequel. "Give It Back” is a beautiful piano melody over swimming flute and synths, while "Social Pirhana” takes a classical bent on frolicking in the forest, Polanski style. However, this isn’t A Permanent Solution to any real problem at all. (n5MD)