The Prodigy Invaders Must Die

The new Prodigy LP, Invaders Must Die, is a wake-up call for the creative revolution. The band continue to dip their artist brush in vibrant colours of electronic music and punk attitude to subvert the masses. Invaders Must Die includes a bonus DVD (with footage from Prodigy's stage show at Ireland's Oxegen Festival and Spain's BBK). While the video for "Warrior's Dance" isn't included, the "Invaders Must Die" video featuring an artist/wanderer tagging the Prodigy ant image across a wasteland, and the haunted "Omen" video are here. The LP brings one dance floor gem after another, sparking the high energy and sonic clarity remembered from Experience. The killer diva vocals on "Warrior's Dance" are held with respect by deep bass rumblings and head-nodding drumbeats. Released on the band's Take Me To The Hospital Records, Invaders Must Die demands you get your ass to a bitchin' dance floor. (Take Me To The Hospital/Cooking Vinyl)