Procedure Club Doomed Forever

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when indie pop-affiliated female vocalists began singing with an ethereal aloofness, but it now has become the norm. New Haven, CT's Procedure Club are no exception, but they shouldn't get lost in the pack. The two-piece (Andrea and Adam Malec) have the vocals down, but instead of wispy, crystalline production, Procedure Club present a jarring contrast of motorized drum machines, screeching feedback and clamouring guitar jangle. "Vermont" takes its cue from the Vaselines' elementary pop, with simple hooks and loud guitars, while "Dead Bird" gets heavy, with borderline industrial noise leaving a harsh film of distortion over Andrea's heavenly vocals. "Artificial Light" and "Confined" are pure JAMC worship, with the amateurish drums falling beneath the buzz-saw guitars. Unfortunately, final track "Seventh Circle of Hell" ends things sounding more like an attempt at chillwave, with some whirling, old keyboards and a flaccid rhythm. Despite that misstep, Doomed Forever holds up as a promising debut that succeeds in adding something new to a sound that's getting old pretty quickly. (Slumberland)