Pro-Foreskin Activists to Stage Rally at Vancouver One Direction Concert

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 16, 2015

While thousands of Vancouver-based One Direction fans are set to celebrate the boy band when they hit the city's BC Place tomorrow (July 17), a different batch of followers will be rallying outside in support of singer Harry Styles' allegedly underappreciated foreskin.

In what may be the weirdest merging of pop music and mens rights activism in recent memory, the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project has announced that it will be camped outside of the venue on Friday to raise awareness of the reportedly unsnipped tip of the One Direction member's, um, member. Reasoning behind the rally is said to stem from a 2013 National Enquirer piece that claimed Taylor Swift broke up with Styles because he was uncircumcised.

"The allegation that Taylor tried to tailor Styles' penile style has not yet been confirmed by Styles or Swift," CAN-FAP founder Glen Callender said in a statement [via the Georgia Straight]. "But CAN-FAP is obliged to take all alleged threats to celebrity foreskin seriously."

As such, full-grown CAN-FAP card-carriers will be raising their protest signs up high tomorrow for the "Little Things" singer, asserting to the incoming crowd of youths that "What Makes You Beautiful" is your natural, uncut foreskin.

"Foreskin is rampant in pop music, with top artists such as Justin Bieber, Will Smith, John Mayer, and Ricky Martin all proud owners of very successful and sought-after foreskins," Callender added.

The One Direction rally is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. A second protest is set to take place outside of BC Place when Swift shows up for a concert on August 1.

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