Prins Thomas Returns with Third Solo LP

Prins Thomas Returns with Third Solo LP
European space disco artist Prins Thomas is following up his two self-titled solo LPs the only way he knows how: by delivering another eponymous album. Naturally dubbed Prins Thomas III, the record is set to arrive April 28 through the Norwegian electronic musician's own Full Pupp imprint.

A press release has Thomas explaining that the album balances the "organic [and] freeform" approach from 2010's Prins Thomas I with the "more polished and square" MIDI work heard on 2012's Prins Thomas II.

"There's no great concept, no specific theme, no scheme, no plan... no space disco but still plenty of space," Thomas further explained of the 11-song outing. "It is just documentation of the music I made during the recording period — a musical diary so to speak. Diary entry number three."

Samples from the set have yet to arrive, but you'll find the tracklisting info down below. It remains to be seen what the cover art will be, but it shouldn't be hard to top the scribbly, maternal monstrosity that was attached to Prins Thomas II.

Thanks to Resident Advisor for the tip.

Prins Thomas III:

1. Hans Majestet

2. Arabisk Natt (Dub)

3. Kameleon

4. 2000 Lysår fra Morellveien

5. Enmannsrock

6. Kavaler

7. Luftspeiling

8. Oase

9. Trans

10. Labyrint

11. Åpne Slusa