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Prins Thomas 2

> > Nov 01 2012

Prins Thomas - Prins Thomas 2
By Daniel SylvesterReleasing his first three albums with fellow Norseman Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas already felt like an important part of the nu-disco scene long before his solo debut dropped. That's why Prins' stuffy, unbalanced 2010 self-titler felt like such a letdown. On follow-up Prins Thomas 2 (released just a week before Lindstrøm's third LP, Smalhans), the tech-house producer has attempted to cultivate his dusty electro landscapes, leaving the listener with seven hearty compositions built upon loose and fertile groundwork. That isn't to say that Thomas's principal structure has changed, as tracks like "Bom Bom" and "Flau Pappadans 2" still rely on popping-beat meditations, but much of Prins Thomas 2 provides the listener with honest-to-goodness moments of ecstasy. "Symfonisk Utviklingshemming" moves flawlessly through contrasting mini-electro suites, while "Bobletekno (Perkmiks)" messes with timing and structure, showing Prins Thomas as an artist becoming more comfortable behind the boards.
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