Prince Rama Break Up, Share Final EP

Prince Rama Break Up, Share Final EP
After a decade of music-making, dance-pop duo Prince Rama have called it quits.

In a statement, the group's Taraka Larson wrote, "A little while back, [sister bandmate Nimai Larson] called to tell me she was retiring from the music scene to explore who she was outside the band. Took months for that phone call to sink in. It was a heartbreak beyond anything I had experienced before."

She continued: "Writing these songs, playing them with my sister and friends, and sharing them with each one of you has saved me time and time again and infused my life with immeasurable joy, sorrow, celebration, mystery and awe. Saying good-bye feels like saying good-bye to my arm or leg. Prince Rama has been a part of my flesh, my blood, my soul."

Alongside the announcement, the duo have shared a final EP titled Rage in Peace, which you can hear below. The three-track effort will also receive a vinyl release, pressed to wax that includes the ashes of destroyed albums, flyers, reviews, show outfits and more.

You can pre-order the physical edition here.

Taraka concluded, "To everyone who has ever laughed or cried listening to one of our songs, who has given us a floor to sleep on, who has shared a stage with us, worn some glitter or continued to support us and believe in the magic over the years — thank you. You have made our lives beautiful and this whole adventure possible."

Prince Rama's final album was 2016's Xtreme Now.