Prince Innocence "Manic"

Prince Innocence 'Manic'
Canadian synth-pop duo Prince Innocence have yet to deliver a full-length, but they've been rolling out short-form releases over the last couple of years, and the latest of these is the new single "Manic."

The track's title belies the sound of the music, since it's a steely and restrained electronic number. Frontwoman Talvi Faustmann's vocals are darkly soothing, while producer Josh McIntyre's atmospheric beats recalls the glory days of '90s trip-hop.

The band told The Fader, "'Manic' is about the experience of hypomania and the emergence from a depressive episode,. It tries to convey the lush, cinematic lens through which someone in that state sees and interacts with the world. At the same time, there's a dark recognition of the universality and banality behind these moments. It's definitely one of our most sexually-charged songs and is in pretty huge contrast to 'I Don't Care,' which was an ode to apathy."

Hear the song below. Prince Innocence have an EP in the works.