Primes Primes

Formed in 2004, this self-proclaimed electronic minimalist duo offer both their talents towards the programming, synths and vocals that make up this release’s distinct sound. This is truly a pleasant change, since the female presence of Michelle Synnot steers clear from the usual eye-candy/sub-par vocal contributions that many modern dark music projects exploit. Then again, atypical behaviour is the norm for a group who toss together furious experimental electronics and a passionate anger that fuels their cyber-punkish presence. Rather than producing self-congratulatory beeps and whistles, there is depth here; it seems they have actually considered their listeners and avoid an all too common "noise for noise sake” approach. Just listen to the catchy and unique "Badmouths” or the puerile piece of savage deviousness that is "Whatever It Takes,” and you will understand their relevance. Bottom line is these guys will please old school industrial fans without alienating a modern audience. (Action Driver)