Primes Facades and Pink Forms

Emerging from Vancouver is the latest band to demand your attention, and rightly so. Primes have burst onto the scene with a refreshing new sound and take on the electronic movement. With heavy, distorted synthesisers akin to French sensation Justice, Primes’ latest album, Facades and Pink Forms, is a welcome experimentation of sounds. Unpolished, monotone vocals trickle across the tracks while coarse industrial electronics provide the backbone of the album. Elements of old school Underworld are recognisable throughout the disc, melding perfectly with the gritty electro revival Primes have embarked upon. "Voyeur” slows it down with a subdued, steady pulse and lazy vocals, while "Paranoid Freeze” and "Young Education” kick it up a notch with their distinct dark glitches, explosive beats and synth-happy indulgences. Primes offer a unique sound that at times, is hard to nail but perhaps that’s the point. Their diverse range of industrial-infused, barbed techno gives Facades and Pink Forms the grandiose entrance it deserves. (Postfact)