Pretty Things Get The Picture?

Possibly more infamous than the Rolling Stones, the Pretty Things remain of the definitive rock bands of the British '60s scene. Their second LP contains plenty of the same R&B bite that made them such a primal experience. You can still hear it in "Buzz The Jerk," "We'll Play House," "You'll Never Do It Baby," "Gonna Find Me A Substitute," "Get A Buzz" and "Come See Me." Phil May remains one of the classic raw singers of the period. He's got a wicked scream. While tracks like "London Town" and the controversial "L.S.D." point to the future, the essence of their early prime would be lost until the roots revival pub rockers Dr. Feelgood ushered in the punk era that revitalised the British pop scene in the mid-'70s. The Things have been missing for too long and it's great to hear them back again in all their early awful glory. (Snapper)