Prairie Cat Unveils 'Who Knows Where to Begin?'

Prairie Cat Unveils 'Who Knows Where to Begin?'
Nearly a year ago, Prairie Cat unveiled his Got Nothin' 7-inch with promises that a full-length would follow. Now, the Vancouver songwriter known as Cary Pratt has officially announced that Who Knows Where to Begin? will be out on August 5.

The eight-song album was produced along with Ryan Dahle (of Limblifter and Mounties) at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver. It includes all three songs from the aforementioned 7-inch ("Got Nothin,'" "Some Friends May Go" and "Beautiful Baby"), plus the 2011 one-off "Bad Storm."

A few of those prior tunes can be heard below. The latest single is called "No Bedroom," and that upbeat, fun keyboard pop number can be streamed at Prairie Cat's website.

A press release includes a glowing statement from Hot Hot Heat/Mounties man Steve Bays, who described the album like this: "Who Knows Where to Begin? is uninfluenced by the homogeneous trends of the Internet, while still making something that is modern and doesn't feel like a retro-rip costume party."

Pratt noted that Bays was so impressed that the pair mixed a last-minute song to be included as a bonus cut. It will be on CD copies and possibly digital downloads also.

Who Knows Where to Begin?:

1. Who Knows Where to Begin?
2. Got Nothin'

3. No Bedroom

4. Upright Beast
5. Bad Storm
6. You Weren't There
7. Some Friends May Go
8. Beautiful Baby