Potshot Dance to the Potshot Record

This record could make even the biggest asshole smile. All the way from Tokyo, Japan, comes Potshot with their instantly catchy, super tight take on ska. Their English is still pretty rough, but the music is so outstanding that it catches up to you so quickly you won’t have time to notice, or even care, about what they’re saying. This is one of those addictive albums — you won’t want to listen to anything else during the first few days after hearing it. Dance to the Potshot Record was actually released back in 2002 in Japan, but the North American version includes two tracks not available on the Japanese release, so hardcore fans will appreciate the wait time. This is Potshot’s fifth full-length album on Asian Man, and it’s no wonder that these guys are snatching up more fans with every release. This is an album to become immersed in. (Asian Man)