Posthumous J Dilla Releases to Arrive in February

Posthumous J Dilla Releases to Arrive in February
Back in the fall, we learned that J Dilla's estate was getting ready to drop more posthumous material from the late hip-hop producer in the form of a series called The Lost Scrolls. Now, Vol. 1 in the series has been announced along with an official release of the Dilla-produced 48 Hours by Frank-N-Dank.

The four-song Music from the Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 drops on February 5 through Fat Beats. This 10-inch features Dilla's rhymes in addition to his beats, and includes a track from the Yancey Boys (Dilla's collaboration with his brother, Illa J). A press release notes, "The beats are prime, vintage Dilla start to finish."

See the tracklist below and the album cover above [via Spin], although note that the artwork may be subject change.

The EP was assembled by Frank Nitt, who makes up one half of the rap duo Frank-n-Dank. Not coincidentally, February 5 will also see the official release of 48 Hours, a Dilla-produced album that was recorded in the early naughts but eventually shelved. Bootlegged copies subsequently emerged, but now you can pick up an official copy.

It's available in its original form, or in an all-instrumental edition that showcases Dilla's beats. Both versions have been packaged together for a two-CD set.

Pre-order Music from the Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 and 48 Hours (in its various forms) over at Fat Beats' store.

Music from the Lost Scrolls Vol. 1:

A1. J Dilla - "DeWitt to Do It"
A2. J Dilla - "Smack a Bitch"
B1. Yancey Boys (ft. Frank Nitt) - "The Throwaway"
B2. J Dilla - "Ruff & Rugged"

48 Hours:

1. Intro
2. Get Cha B%^ch
3. Marijuana
4. Rite Bites
5. Street Life
6. Pimp Strut
7. Where the Parties At?
8. Y'all Don't Want It
9. Sex on the Beach
10. All Seasons
11. Alright
12. Afterparty
13. Ma Dukes (ft. Tammy Lucas)
14. Keep It Coming (ft. J Dilla)