Postdata A Holiday Offering

Postdata A Holiday Offering
Well, here's something sweet to further brighten up the Friday. Postdata, the project helmed by Wintersleep frontman Paul Murphy, has shared a trio of previously unreleased tracks.

As Murphy explains in a statement, the songs aren't Christmas numbers, but outtakes from Postdata's underrated 2010 debut. Nevertheless, they do come thanks to the spirit of giving.

Over to Murphy:

Hey there Postdata friends/enthusiasts. Another year whistling by. I had a dream last night in which it turned out that Santa Claus was real. I was at a party and he was there, digging in [I dare say] a little heavily into the punch. He was in good enough spirits I suppose but I kept feeling a cold vibe from him, as if he really held against me all those years of non-belief. Maybe he just wanted all the punch. Bastard. Anyway, it made me feel guilty. Not guilty, but maybe it just made me feel like giving. And so here is a couple songs that weren't included on the Postdata s/t album proper.. Recorded with Mike during an Easter break. What is with all the work on holiday weekends?! I have to start thinking about Christmas lit, not specifically Christmas in theme, just something to read on my travels to Yarmouth. Any suggestions?

To download the songs, titled "Blood Black," "Easter" and "River Run," simply click here. But be warned: these songs are as sad-bastard as it gets, though in the best way possible.