The Postage Stamps This Ugly Arrangement

This Ugly Arrangement seems an odd title, as no matter how closely you listen there is nothing ugly to be found here. This album is frequently decorated with wide, rambling intros and outros, as the Stamps embrace space and confidently play around with structure while incorporating compelling melodies and keeping a strong focus on the vocals. "To No One” uproots shoegazer tendencies and captivating fractures of rhythmic soundscapes. The title track sees the band delve into a loosely experimental side then spins into the deeply driving "Autumn + Everything,” which is a darkly harmonious recitation. This Ugly Arrangement successfully combines broad, sprawling fuzz and angular, intuitive songwriting that captures every subtle shade and hook, which the Postage Stamps have honed into a style that is distinctly their own. Full of subdued climaxes and shy discoveries, this album is one that simultaneously shows many sides and sounds. (Independent)