Posies Every Kind of Light

The Posies should probably win some kind of award for the least successful disbanding of a group ever. Since they released Success, their supposed final album in 1998, they’ve been touring and releasing new music faster than most other bands, despite supposedly no longer being together. That kind of takes away from the release of their first album of new material in seven years (although there have been EPs, compilations, a live CD and a box set), but the anticipation is still there for something new from the Posies. Every Kind Of Light isn’t a bad album by any means, yet it falls short of what people have come to expect from the Posies. It lacks the anthemic gems of songs that most of their earlier albums were peppered with and only a few tracks would make it onto a compilation of classic Posies moments. Those include "Second Time Around,” a song with a driving tune that ranks amongst the band’s best moments, and "Conversations,” a gentler harmony-laden number that sounds out of place on an album that really can’t decide what it wants to do. At best, Every Kind Of Light shows that Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer can still hit the target on occasion, but that simply isn’t good enough for a band of this standing, making this a disappointing return. (Rykodisc)