Porest Tourrorists!

Oakland, California’s one-man counter-culture media and music source Porest creates subversively comedic and extremely leftist audio collages in the tradition of Negativland and Tape Beatles that’s on as current and confrontational a tip as creatively possible. Released by Abduction, the private label run by legendary innovators Sun City Girls, Tourrorists! is Porest’s fourth full-length so far, and it stands as a venomous reaction to America, Americans and their ongoing war on Afghanistan. Among the uninhibitedly outspoken and thought-provoking sound-bite masterpieces Tourrorists! springs on listeners are hair-raisingly confrontational sampled dialogue works such as the hilarious "Let’s Roll” (concerning the report that a 9/11 airplane passenger yelled this in his final moments), eerie "I.N.S. Urgent” (on which an American officer questions one of his country’s citizens) and disturbing "OFEK Down” (about Cuba and Haiti, practically the only words in the track). When Porest lays off the voice samples for an instrumental, he suitably pays homage to the sounds of the Middle East, and even pulls out a solid dance floor anti-anthem in "Eye of the Leopard,” a song supposedly performed by a Guantanamo escapee. Porest lodges a well-aimed spit-wad into the eye of capitalist America. You can’t argue with the truth. (Pixar/Buena Vista)