Porcelain Raft "The Way Out" (video)

Porcelain Raft 'The Way Out' (video)
Brooklyn-based dream-pop fantasist Porcelain Raft (a.k.a. Mauro Remiddi) is building up more buzz for his impending sophomore LP Permanent Signal by fitting the album's "The Way Out" with an especially jumped-up video.

Synced up to the tune's sky-soaring EBow arrangement and gosling-soft vocals, the clip's jittery stop-motion motif finds Remiddi hop-scotching slowly across a baseball field. If you look deep enough in the background, you'll see someone socking a dinger from home plate.

The song itself was apparently written shortly after New York was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, which led Remiddi to ruminate on his city's relationship with nature.

In a statement, he said: "I was walking home, keeping my head down because of the rain. I noticed on the sidewalk that all of the trees had their roots growing throughout the pavement. Nature couldn't be held back by cement. I started to notice mold on the walls of buildings and the stains it created, and realized it didn't matter how many times we paint the walls white, nature will always stain them again, and the stain will grow bigger with time. The vision of it makes you surrender."

As previously reported, Permanent Signal arrives August 20 release through Secretly Canadian. In support of the album, Porcelain Raft has a North American tour heading our way, and you can see all the dates here.